Agile Spirit 2016 – Vaziani, Georgia

Customer name: USA Government – Department of the Army (U.S.Marines);
DVE Contract role: Prime contractor while steel being part of “QuadrigaServices OOD”.
Period of performance: Aug 19, 2016 — Sep 20, 2016
Estimated Number of people serviced: 2000
DVE provided Services: During 2016, we continued our exceptional work with the US Government. In Vaziani, Georgia our company performed an exceptional Project Management to organize Life Support Assistance Camp of considerable sizes in a remote mountainous region in the country of Georgia. Apart from Project Management, DVE provided manpower for the Sleeping and DFAC Tents Billeting, the LSA camp assembling and further maintenance, Cots positioning, Showers rental and maintenance, Fresh water delivery and Greywater removal, Power outlets, Waste Management, Janitorial services, Laundry services.