„Saber Guardian 2017”, Ruse CSC, Bezmer camp, Krumovo camp and NSTA camp, Bulgaria

Client Name: US Department of Defence.
Contract role: Main Subcontractor to “Kellogg and Brown Root Services INC.” (KBR)
Period of Performance: 15.06.2017 – 20.08.2017
Estimated Number of people serviced: 4000
DVE provided Services: During 2017 DVE won and executed impeccably it’s biggest military-related project up to date. During Saber Guardian 2017, DVE provided Turn-Key Tent services, Turn-Key Shower services, and Turn-Key Power Supply services for “KBR” and the US Military.
All services were rendered simultaneously at four (4) different locations across Bulgaria (Ruse, Bezmer, Krumovo, NSTA) and for a total of 4000 members of the military community.
Our company provided Project Management, Tents lease (Leaving Area and DFAC), Tent Billeting, HVAC, Bunk Beds lease and positioning, Turn-Key Power Supply services for all camps, camps assembling and further maintenance, Modular as well as Containerized Shower Facilities lease, assembling and maintenance, Fresh water supply, and Greywater removal.